TikTok Thinks 2010s Model Is Coming Again

When a trend goes out of style, it’s only a matter of time before it is back. Right now it’s all about the 2000s, including a resurgence of Juicy Couture sweatshirts and low-rise jeans. But according to TikTok, the next big fad will be all about the following decade: the 2010s. Yes, that was only 10 years ago, but fashion fans on the app are predicting the peplum, statement necklaces and extra-wide belts of this era will make a comeback. The question is: are you ready for this?

There have been quite a few TikTokers who suggested this fashion idea. Hali Brown Onigbanjo by Next carrier made dissection of 2010s fashion a focus on her side, and she believes her return is imminent. “As someone young enough to be a regular TikTok user but old enough to be a teenage Tumblr user in the 2010s, it’s crazy to see how quickly things are making a comeback” she tells Vogue. “The next generation of teenagers are already starting to wear creepers, romanticizing soft and pastel grunge on TikTok.” So do you predicts that asymmetrical skirts, striped shirts, and feathered hair extensions – a favorite of 2010s stars like Ke $ ha – will be back too. (Addison Rae has worn some hairsprings before, which is worth it.)

Brown-Onigbanjo adds that the 2010s had a more playful attitude towards dressing, and she understands why Generation Z is adopting this. “The 2010s was a really fun and democratizing era of fashion, with the rise of fashion bloggers and it-girl Tumblr users who helped shape a range of ‘aesthetics’,” she says. “I can totally understand why people who were too young to experience the first time are now trying to experience that energy.” Ari Arvand, a Fashion TikToker who also believes in the return of the 2010 style confirms this feeling. “In early 2010, the focus of fashion was on DIY fashion with items like flower crowns and fringed shirts,” she says. “Although we are in an era of short trend cycles, people are again focusing more on DIY’ing and personal style.”

In one of their TikTok videos, says Ari that not only generation Z is jumping on the aesthetics of 2010, but also current fashion labels. She was referring to the new Givenchy collection, for example, which relied heavily on peplum silhouettes (Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian – they all wore them for the decade). She also pointed out that brands like Valentino were showing Gladiator sandals, another favorite of the 2010s. However, Ari isn’t in favor of some of these trends coming back into play. “I don’t have to see her anymore,” she says.

However, other TikTok stars are on board with the return of denim vests, fringed circle scarves, and hair bows. Take Mandy Lee, a trend researcher from @oldlooserinbrooklyn, who made a TikTok Hypothesized on how the 2010s pieces will be modernized, including disco pants and Jeffrey Campbell Lita-style platforms. “One of my favorite elements in studying the trend cycle is seeing the resurgence of older trends in new and updated ways,” she says. “For example for the iconic disco pants from American Apparel: There are these Tyler McGillivary shortened disco pants and these colorful ones Rezek Studio ones. “Michaila Cothran also went to school Image-day-TikTok celebrates these kinds of 2010s looks. “It’s always so fun to see what twists and turns the new age imposes on old trends,” she says. “Sometimes it’s even better the second time!” Whether you agree or not, you should go back to your closet.