Uber charged me £332 for a 1.75-mile journey dwelling | Cash

I booked one last week over from our favorite bar to my home in north London – a 1.75 mile journey I have made taken several hundred times.

I was out with two friends whom I regularly drop off on the go. I asked the driver to choose my preferred route, he refused and an argument ensued, to the point where he expelled us out of the cabin in the rain.

The next day I received a receipt for £ 332 – travel expenses. The money was withdrawn from my bank account.

It appears that the driver ran his meter for 16 hours and 27 minutes.

I tried everything to convince Uber that something was wrong. After 1 hour 20 minutes on the phone, it just cut me off, and the company doesn’t seem to have a system that will take such an absurd bill.

AG, London

Aside from asking if you want to get into an argument with drivers about their route, I agree that it is very strange that Uber’s systems failed to detect this obvious flaw.

The travel time is clearly indicated in the app as 16 hours, but shows a shorter route through London.

You are not the first reader to complain that Uber’s customer service is impenetrable.

Uber says, “We’re sorry the user had such a bad experience. Due to a technical error in the trip that we are investigating, the user was overcharged and we contacted you to reimburse the trip. “

And finally …

LT writes to commend easyJet for canceling its flights to Bodrum, Turkey in late July. Within five days of requesting a full refund, she said the money was in her bank account. We are overlooked that this was the airline’s legal responsibility. Many passengers are still waiting for refunds from other airlines and travel agents from last year.

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