Suttons Bay Trainer Raises Cash for LIFT Teen Heart with Mullet

A teacher at Suttons Bay Public School is unique in raising money for a local nonprofit organization.

High school virtual teacher Adam Couturier nicknamed himself “The Mullet Man” because he continues to wear and raise money his mullet LIFT Teen Center.

Couturier grew his hair out during quarantine last year.

Right before he decided to cut it down, he wanted to see how much money he could raise for a cause he is passionate about.

Every $ 100 he collects means another day to keep his mullet.

The money raised will go towards programming, renovation and a new bus for the LIFT Teen Center.

“Adam has a big heart and is so willing to just go with the flow,” said Rebekah Tenbrink, founder and director of the LIFT Teen Center. “His family’s investment in our small family’s investment in the Teen Center has been invaluable to us. We are just incredibly grateful for him and his mullet wearing days! “

You can donate to Couturier’s fundraiser Here.