CHICAGO (WLS) – Lots of people are packing for the July 4th vacation trip, and the I-Team has new travel hacks to help you save money at the last minute.

Travel experts say they are seeing a huge surge in booking flights, hotels, and rental cars, and there are some creative ways to save money.

“Forty percent of hotel reservations experience a price drop that occurs from the moment the booking is made to the last date the free cancellation is made,” said Doron Nadivi, Chief Digital Officer at proof, an app that helps consumers monitor hotel prices and price changes for free. “We come in and start monitoring the price of your existing hotel reservations. We monitor the price around the clock on hundreds of different websites and hotel providers, and notify you when one of your hotel rooms is down. And as soon as we do, we run you basically.” Step by step to rebook the exact same room you booked at a lower rate. “

You can also do this yourself if you have the time to check into your hotel.

“The average saving from our service is 14% when a price drop is detected,” said Nadivi.

Experts say the same trick can be used for car rentals until you check in for your reservation. This won’t work for cars or hotels if you’ve already paid in full.

You can save a hundred dollars per person when you book your next flight.
“I would say the larger your group, the more likely you are to find discounts by looking for tickets one at a time,” said Scott Keyes of Cheap flights from Scott.

He said that instead of booking as a group, you should book individually, as the airlines have “buckets” with cheaper rates and if you book two people at the same time and they only have one flight in the “cheap bucket”, then both of them Flights both ring at the more expensive price.

But buying flights one at a time can save you money.

“Let me run through an example. I recently looked at flights from Seattle to DC. If you’re looking for two tickets, the cheapest was $ 299 per ticket, but when I cut it down to one person suddenly it was the price.” dropped to $ 199 for the exact same flight, “Keys said.

He added that this travel hack can be used for any search engine.

“This tip is especially important if you are traveling with a large group that can save you $ 300, $ 400, $ 500, $ 600, often on flights,” he said.

If you are booking separately, be sure to call the airline afterwards and ask them to link these separate itineraries together. That way, if something changes and you need to change your flights, you will all be treated as a group.

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