Summer season sneakers ought to provide assist and elegance | Existence

Some people just can’t wait for summer. Your toes are more than ready to escape the constraints of winter shoes determined to live in flip flops at the first sign of green grass.

Unfortunately, summer shoes can devastate your feet. But do not despair – it is possible to find support and style in summer shoes.

“The best thing to look for in a sandal or shoe is good arch support and structure,” said Richard Ragan, owner of Browns Shoe Fit in St. Joseph. “The beauty of the feet is not that every foot is the same. So what works for one doesn’t mean it works for everyone. You don’t want anything too weak, especially if you are on your feet all day. “

That’s why it’s important to make decisions before buying a popular summer style, he said.

“The thing about flip-flops is that they’re not all the same. When you get a flip-flop with a good structure like OluKai, Reef or Birkenstock, they’re really good for your feet, ”said Ragan. “We specialize in wearing flip-flops like this. The only really “bad” flip flops are the really weak ones that don’t offer any support. And just like anything in life, moderation is key. Don’t always wear your flip flops, especially if you run a lot. Use these walking shoes for this. “

Ragan said the nice thing about most of the summer shoes in his store is that they have an arch support, which is important because you can’t add the arch support to open shoe styles in most cases. Finding a pillow can also help, but this should be the third priority after structure and arch support.

After ankle footmd.comA number of minimalist shoe options like sandals or flats don’t offer much arch support. This can lead to problems like plantar fasciitis or a fallen arch. Anyone who has dealt with this knows that it is painful.

In addition to poor arch support, some summer shoes will slide around on your foot, forcing you to bend your toes to keep them from slipping off. Buying sandals with straps can prevent this from happening.

“We carry a number of brands that are both stylish and comfortable,” said Ragan. “From the brands Dansko, Taos and Aextrex to Birkenstock, OluKai and Reef. One of my goals as the owner of a shoe shop is to support our sandals in the best possible way, but also those that are beautiful to look at. We want our sandals to be comfortable but also aesthetic. “

Considering our feet will get us where we want to go, it’s important to take care of them. When those toes are jumping in the sunlight, make sure you are giving them the support they need.

As Ragan said, “The days when only functional looking shoes were only comfortable are long gone. Comfort and style can coexist. “