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Storm Keating faces a year of recovery from emergency spinal surgery in March.

The 39-year-old beauty was hospitalized for surgery earlier this year after a herniated disc escalated into cauda equina syndrome. Cauda equina syndrome is severe spinal stenosis in which the nerves in the lower back are severely compressed.

And Storm revealed that it takes 12 months for the nerves to completely heal.

She says, “I have to train my nerves 12 months after the operation. It’s a long wait, but from now on I’m working on a rigorous program that gets easier as I get stronger.

“It wasn’t until the surgeon said I collapsed that it was a success. Then I spent a couple of weeks in a wave of emotion. You start to panic. How will your life be I realized it was me and I couldn’t go to school or on vacation. “

Storm said she was still rehabilitating her and her health fears brought more attention to her body.

She told the Sunday Mirror: I’m still rehabilitating. I am not 100% perfect, but I owe it to me not to take time for myself. The balance sheet is bad. But now I believe that you cannot ignore your body. You need to take the time to take care of yourself. “

A model married to Ronan Keating who has Cooper, 4 years old and Coco, 15 months old, announced in March that she had had the “worst week” of her life after health fears. I did it.

She wrote at the time: “This has been a long and challenging week and the most terrible week of my life.

“But I am Dr. Syed Aftab and all the great experts, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and AIDS at #CromwellHospital are deeply grateful for helping me with this.

“By Saturday I already knew I had a very bad herniated disc, so I rushed in. The herniated disc recently escalated until surgery was required.

“But while it was stable in the hospital, it escalated to cauda equina syndrome and required urgent spinal surgery to avoid permanent injury.

“Without Dr. Ahutab and his great diligence, care, attention and skills would not have left this hospital in the hope of leading the normal life that I had always imagined. ((Sic) “

Storm Keating is about to recover a year after spinal surgery | entertainment

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