St. Louis utilizing zebra-style delineators to assist separate automotive and bike visitors

ST. LOUIS – Installation of Zebra® delineator posts along Union Boulevard in the city’s Central West End began on Wednesday. The black and white striped devices are new to St. Louis. Officials say they are easy to spot and create a bump to separate bicycle and vehicle traffic.

“I think anyone who’s ridden a bike in the City of St. Louis has had a tight run,” said 28th Ward Alderwoman Heather Navarro. She rode her bike on Wednesday afternoon to see the progress of the project.

The 28th community project is funded by money from a capital improvement fund available to every community in the city of St. Louis. A city official said feedback from other cities using Zebra® delineators has been positive.

The installation of around 300 objects will continue in the coming days. The area spans both sides of Union Boulevard from Lindell to Delmar Boulevard. The installation is expected to take several days.

The plan coincides with a refurbishment project that allows some changes. A designated bike path will be laid out along the curb. The Zebra® delineators separate the cycle path from a lane for parking vehicles.

The exchange creates more distance between bicycle and vehicle traffic. The parking spaces are located along the curb with the bike path between parked cars and vehicular traffic.

“There are other places in the city where we have protected bike lanes via parking lots, but that’s still something new,” said Navarro.

A city official said it was possible that Zebra® delineators could be used in other areas of St. Louis. The city will evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

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