AUSTIN (KXAN) – It’s that time again, time for spring cleaning.

It’s a time to donate old things, empty the gutters and make our lives a little more confusing. There’s one more reason to brush now instead of waiting – it can save you money.

“Spring cleaning is a great time to tackle these energy saving projects,” says Kendra Acosta of the Pedernales Electric Cooperative.

What are energy saving projects? Well, anything that can reduce your impact on your electricity bill. For example, switching off the air filters on your air conditioning system.

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“If you change them, keep dust and allergens out. It also helps your system to work less, ”said Acosta.

By changing your filters every month, you can reduce your energy consumption by 15%, according to Acosta. Heating and cooling your household account accounts for more than half of your electricity bill. During cleaning, you should take measures to slow down the air conditioner operation.

Schedule your annual HVAC system inspection to check for problems, wipe down your fans, and move some furniture.

“If you have furniture near a vent, such as a bookcase or sofa, you may want to move it around to make sure the vent flows freely,” said Acosta.

You can also dust off your electronics.

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“The dust can actually block the devices’ fans and cause them to overheat,” said Acosta.

Finally, focus on cleaning other major energy consumers in your home like your refrigerator. Acosta recommends checking for ice build-up, but also checking the seals to make sure there is no cold air leaking inside the refrigerator.

If you experience these problems, Acosta recommends having the device repaired or replaced. If you choose to replace it, Acosta says an “Energy Star” device ensures you get a device that uses the least amount of energy to operate.