Southbridge Mall has been in town since the 80s and the layout will be completely different.

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“We have been able to take development here on Southbridge Mall with the acquisition of new owners and the creation of a family entertainment center, as well as the involvement of a number of partners,” said Burnett.

Last September, a poll of people in Mason City found they wanted to see more entertainment.

Now they get it. You will soon be able to ride go-karts, the theater will reopen, there will be a comedy bar and much more.

“This space is moving more towards entertainment. Retail tends to struggle in this environment, ”said Burnett.

What are the next steps? Well the city is pushing the urban renewal change that will allow the city to start this project in a development agreement that will soon follow. By autumn, says Aaron, construction work could begin.

“This will bring new people and new jobs to our inner city. We’re very excited about it, ”said Burnett.

A mall-goer who spoke to ABC 6 News says she’s excited about the news too.

“I think it’s great, I think we really need something like this here,” said Sheri Hickey, a Mason City resident.

Burnett says this is a downtown renovation mission and he’s optimistic.

A shopkeeper at the mall told ABC 6 News off-camera that they share the same sentiment: the more business that is done for the mall, the better.