Some Cleveland County Colleges workers to get some more money

Cleveland County Schools staff and bus drivers will have a little more cash in their pockets by the end of this year.

On Monday, the county education authority unanimously approved an increase in the teachers’ allowance and granted all bus drivers a general increase of $ 1 an hour.

Teacher allowances are additional amounts of money given to teachers in addition to their annual salary. The supplement sizes vary from county to county and district to district, with larger areas often offering more money than smaller ones.

“They’re a very important part in teacher recruitment,” said Head Boy Greg Shull. “As soon as we get people in the door, they really like to be here and love Cleveland County as a place to live, work and play. The supplements help us get them in.”

Before the vote on Monday, the additions for teachers were between 3.5% and 4.75%, depending on years of service. All teachers now receive a flat rate surcharge of 5.75% regardless of the length of service. How much money that actually means for each teacher depends on the length of service and the salary level. Base salary for teachers in North Carolina starts at $ 35,000 per year and ranges from $ 52,520 per year.

Teacher supplements are issued at different times throughout the year. The next payouts are set for June and use the newly approved rate of 5.75%.

Deputy headmasters and unclassified school staff will also experience an additional increase due to the vote of the Board of Directors.

The main surcharges for primary school assistants are 2% above the surcharge for teachers. The main surcharges for middle school assistants are 2.5% above the teacher surcharge and the main surcharges for high school assistants are 3% above the teacher surcharges.

All non-certified employees will also receive an annual bonus of 3% this year.

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