Small Companies, Targeted on Leisure, Seeing Enhance in Enterprise – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

Survival in the pandemic has taken on many meanings. Nearly 100,000 small businesses in the U.S. have closed permanently since the pandemic began. According to a recent Yelp analysis.

It’s even more difficult for small businesses in the entertainment industry.

Two north Texas business owners said they had problems in the beginning, but the work they did during the height of the pandemic has made them do better now than ever before.

“During this time, we brought the entertainment aspect into the virtual world. I knew I wouldn’t be able to host events in person, so I decided to offer the service to people virtually, ”said Nate Nelson, owner of LeForce Entertainment.

After most of its events were canceled or postponed in 2020, the north Texas-based entertainment company has got business going again.

“It was different [during the pandemic]. But when it came back it came back extremely hard and extremely fast. Especially in the last two to three months, ”said Nelson.

He and his team are currently working on dozens of weddings and nearly two dozen proms in North Texas on the horizon. Many of these proms will be outside, operating under COVID-19 safety protocols depending on the school district.

Proms and weddings also help Daniel Mofor’s bottom line. He is the owner of Don Morphy, a bespoke suit manufacturing company in the Dallas Design District.

He agreed that the hard work they put in closing the store is now keeping them going.

“We knew people were scared to come into the store and then they just couldn’t when we shut down,” said Mofor. “We had to develop an internal system to help our customers remotely in their homes.”

Mofor and his team have found a way to take accurate measurements virtually for their customers. While custom clothing production was still at a snail’s pace in 2020, he said he was only grateful that they were able to keep the doors open. Mofor and his sister Sonya, the company’s chief operating officer, also used their social media contacts to attract well-known clients like reality stars Cynthia Bailey and her husband Mike Hill. They also customize looks for the filmmaker couple Fox and Robertson Richardson, better known as FoxandRob.

Mofor said his company is on track to host 1,000 weddings in 2021.

Mofor and Nelson said they were grateful they did it in ways so many others failed, and owed much of their success to the support of the North Texas community. Your best advice is to watch out for reinvention when you think all hope is lost. Often she will help you with this.