Sharon Osbourne steps up safety | Leisure

Sharon Osbourne increased her security after receiving death threats.

The 68-year-old star was embroiled in heated discussion during an episode of ‘The Talk’ last week when she asked her co-host Sheryl Underwood to “educate” her about why her friend Piers Morgan – who had her – made remarks made defended after leaving the British TV show “Good Morning Britain” – about the Duchess of Sussex were racist.

And after the air dispute, Sharon was reportedly inundated with angry news on social media and received calls into her home threatening the safety of her, her family and even her dogs.

According to TMZ, because of the threats, Sharon hired a private security team and posted workers outside her Los Angeles home all week.

Meanwhile, the former “X Factor” star also turned off commenting on her latest Instagram posts because things had gotten so hot.

‘The Talk’ is currently on hiatus while CBS investigates the incident. However, insiders told the site that Sharon has not yet been in contact with the network or the show producers while they investigate the dispute, and she has not spoken to Sheryl either.

The argument started on ‘The Talk’ when Sharon was talking about the defense of Piers – who said he didn’t believe Duchess Meghan when she said she had suicidal thoughts – and prompted Sheryl to say, “While you stand by yourself, your girlfriend, it seems that you are confirming or offering a safe haven to something he uttered that is racist. “

Sharon replied, “Educate me, tell me when you heard him say racist things?

“I feel like I’m about to be put on the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is a racist. So that makes me a racist?”

“How can I be racist towards anyone or anything in my life?”

The show then went on a commercial break, but when it came back pushed Sheryl further to explain what was racist about Piers’ comments, adding, “And try not to cry because if someone should cry, it should be me . “

The next day, the former “X Factor” star apologized for her remarks.

She said, “I’m really sorry. I panicked, felt blind, got defensive, and let my fear and horror of being accused of being racist take over.”

Earlier this week, however, Leah Remini accused Sharon of using derogatory terms against fellow “The Talk” stars Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert.

According to the actress and other sources, showbiz matriarch Julie – the Sino-American – had dubbed “Wonton” and “Slanty Eyes” and Sara, who is a lesbian, “P **** Licker”. and “fish eater”.

But Sharon branded the allegations “crap” and insisted that after their argument with Sheryl, people simply “try to add fuel to the fire”.

She said: “[They’re] Crap, all crap. Everyone has an opinion or a story like the Wonton story. It’s like damn your damn wonton story. F *** off!

“Everyone has an opinion and everyone has a vote – it’s fine. It’s about knowing that someone has been called about something and then someone else says, “Yeah !! I will add something too. ‘

“Of course it’s a bunch. People want to add fuel to the fire and it comes with the territory and that’s fine. “