You may have seen advertisements for cell phone services from companies that you normally don’t think of when it comes to cell phones. More and more cable and broadband companies are offering wireless service plans, and as Consumer Reports shows, these plans can often save you money.

Approximately 5 million people today get their cellular service from a cable or broadband provider who leases wireless capacities from large network operators and uses WLAN for provisioning whenever possible. It is a solution that can save consumers money in some cases.

If you already have Internet service from Spectrum or Xfinity, or one of Altice’s Optimum or Suddenlink brands, adding a cellular plan to the package can lower your cellular bill.

All three companies offer a phone line with unlimited call, text, and data for just $ 45 per month. And they offer flexibility so that you can sign up for individual data plans for each family member.

There are a few drawbacks to be aware of: Your service can be slowed down when network traffic is high, fees or taxes may not be included in advertised plans, and automatic monthly payments are required.

If money is tight, this could be a way to afford both cellular service and wired broadband connection in your home.