Sara Madsen Miller heads Emmy award-winning video production company 1820 productions as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Producer. Her company has shot commercials, television shows, and documentaries while working with the likes of Frito-Lay, 7-Eleven, and Toyota while producing work for ABC, BET, and Discovery. Here she talks about how her grandmother’s style inspires her today and how it reflects her industry.

What I do: “I run the business and business development for 1820 Productions. I also produce visual content for TV stations, advertising agencies, and corporations. Unofficially, I am called the ‘dream maker’. “

Style icon: “My grandmother was my original style icon. Her daily fashion in the 70s could match the flair of Diana Ross, Olivia Palermo, Beverly Johnson and Iman. “

At work: “My work style is a reflection of my personality and an extension of the creative industry in which I work and which I represent.”

Inspiration: “My husband would say he’s my inspiration, but the truth is, I’m inspired by him and magazines like Essence, In-Style, Vogue and Ebony. “

Style defined: “A unique martini that you won’t find on every menu.”

Fashion essential: “Really cute shoes and a backup pair. “

Go-To-Look: “Midnight black clothes with red lip gloss.”

Equipment: “I put on accessories by adding layers of jewelry and texture, then looking in the mirror and asking myself, ‘Is that too much?’ And then add something. “

Weekend look: “On the weekends I wear comfortable and fun athleisure and chic tracksuits.”

Favorite shop: “I’m a lover of fashion and a great sale so I’m wherever it is. However, if you force me to pick a store, I would go with Bergdorf Goodman 5th Avenue in New York. The shoe sale in December is like taking myself to heaven on earth. “