An audition has been published for the South Arkansas Arts Center of El Dorado’s production of “Steel Magnolias” by Robert Harling.

A longtime audience favorite, the play explores the relationships of these unique southern women who, over the years, have bonded with good times and bad, tears and laughter, and most importantly, love.

The auditions will take place on Monday, April 26th and Thursday, April 29th.

Registration for auditions starts at 6 p.m. on both evenings. The auditions start at 6.30 p.m.

Callbacks will take place on Saturday May 1st. The director schedules individual times with everyone he needs to see for callbacks. Recalls are not indicative of casting.

Rehearsal begins May 3 with production dates for June 17-20 and June 24-27.

There are roles for 6 women. The ages range from 19 to the early 1970s. Anyone who can see or play the role is welcome to audition. There are no restrictions on ethnic or racial background.

People who want to audition should arrive on time to fill out an audition form and take a photo. Bring your calendar and provide a full list of rehearsal conflicts.

All auditors are asked to read a monologue from the show. The director chose two options for each character. Select one of the monologues and note that you may also be asked to read the second.

Monologues don’t have to be memorized, but auditioners are welcome to do so. The director will perform scene readings during auditions and recall. No preparation is required.

Auditioners are encouraged to read the script before auditioning. Copies can be checked out at the SAAC office for 48 hours.

The story centers on the lives of six women at the fictional Chinquapin, Louisiana beauty shop owned by Truvy Jones and her eager new assistant, Annelle. Her friends and clients include the eccentric millionaire Clairee, the friendly Curmudgeon Ouiser, the social leader M’Lynn, and her daughter Shelby. The piece follows their stories over several years and builds on a framework of love and resilience.

“Steel Magnolias is a remarkable piece – a wonderful combination of comedy and drama (like life itself) – that offers rich and rewarding roles to six talented actresses,” said director Tripp Phillips. “There is a wide range of roles that actresses of all kinds offer great, nuanced, and very funny roles.”

The play challenges two younger women (late teens to late 20s), two middle-aged women (late 40s to late 50s) and two seniors (who must be credible as women by the age of 70).