Roslyn Social launches Italian-style sushi menu

“Hey Google, define sushi.”

Sushi is “a Japanese dish that consists of small balls or rolls with cold, boiled vinegar-flavored rice and is served with a side dish of raw fish, vegetables or eggs.”

“Hey Nicky, define Italian sushi.”

“It’s basically your classic Italian heroes made into a sushi roll,” says Nicky Luisi, owner of Roslyn Social, referring to his newly launched menu, which is a unique twist on traditional sushi. There’s still rice – and the restaurant’s seven rolls are served cold, in round, bite-sized pieces that you eat with your hands (not chopsticks).

The most popular so far is the colorful “Nicky Lu” roll, which is filled with breaded chicken schnitzel, roasted peppers and mozzarella wrapped in ham. Other interesting twists on the Japanese staple include the eggplant roll-a-tini (ricotta wrapped in eggplant); a scampi roll (shrimp wrapped in nori) and a fried Sicilian rice roll (ground veal and peas).

Out: soy sauce and sake. It is replaced by balsamic glaze, marinara, white wine and garlic sauce, vodka sauce, ranch and au jus.

Each dish contains five to seven pieces of “sushi” and costs $ 15.

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Luisi said some of his customers only come for the rolls. That inspires long-cherished dreams he had with his cousin Anthony Mazzilli to open an Italian sushi café. One day, said Luisi.

Roslyn Social is located at 1363 Old Northern Blvd. in Roslyn. 516-801-4963.