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June 26th

Today’s highlights


In deciding the first trial on the matter, the pioneering case between the United States and Windsor led the United States Supreme Court to break the Defense of Marriage Act to give everything else to a legally married gay couple. Gave a federal position on par with married Americans. Provide federal benefits to same-sex couples in states that have already legalized same-sex marriage. This paved the way for same-sex marriage resumption in California.

Also on this date


Richard III began to reign as King of England (crowned at Westminster Abbey the following month).


The first army of the American Expeditionary Forces, stationed in France during World War I, landed in Saint-Nazaire.


New York Daily News was published first.


The United Nations Charter was signed by 50 countries in San Francisco.


The Berlin Airlift began in earnest after the Soviet Union blocked land and waterways to the isolated western sector of Berlin.


President John F. Kennedy visited West Berlin and gave a famous speech in solidarity with the city’s residents: “I am a Berliner”.


President Lyndon B. Johnson has announced that he has selected Abe Fortas to take over the retired Earl Warren as Chief Justice of the United States (but Fortas later withdrew from the Senate in the face of fierce opposition).


A fire broke out in Maury County Prison, Colombia, Tennessee, producing toxic smoke and killing 42 people. Elvis Presley gave his last concert at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.


President Bill Clinton announces that the United States has launched rockets at Iraqi targets to provide “convincing evidence” that Iraq attempted to assassinate former President George HW Bush.


The Supreme Court has ordered the Virginia Military Institute to recognize women or to stop government aid.


JK Rowling’s first Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was published in the United Kingdom (later in the United States under the title Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone).


The U.S. Supreme Court lifted the District of Columbia pistol ban after confirming in 5-4 that there is individual ownership of the gun.

10 years ago: The New York City Gay Pride Parade has grown into a carnival-like celebration of same-sex marriage. Hundreds of thousands of joys enjoyed the new state law that gives gay couples the same right to marry as others.

5 years ago: 14 people were stabbed to death when a battle erupted outside the Sacramento Capitol, California, between more than 300 opposition protesters and about 30 members of the white supremacy Traditionalist Workers’ Party. I suffered a cut and a bruise. Fireworks exploded when a giant Chinese-owned container ship first passed the newly expanded Panama Canal.

1 year ago: After protesters in Washington, DC attempted to defeat the statue of Andrew Jackson, President Donald Trump signed an ordinance to protect the memorial, memorial and statue. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan met with protesters who thwarted the city’s efforts to dismantle the “occupied” protest zone. (The zone will be mined after five days.) Texas and Florida reversed course and set the bar as the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the United States soared to a record high of 40,000 per day. Clemson said 37 soccer players had tested positive for the coronavirus since the school reopened its training facility earlier this month. A federal judge ordered the release of children who were incarcerated with their parents in a US immigration prison.

Today’s birthday

Jazz musician-film music composer Dave Grusin is 87 years old. Actor Josef Sommer is 87 years old. Singer Billy Davis Jr. is 83 years old. Rock singer Georgie Fame is 78 years old. Actor Clive Francis is 75 years old. R&B singer Brenda Holloway is 75 years old. Actor Michael Paul Chan is 71 years old. .. Actor Robert Davi is 70 years old. Singer and musician Mick Jones is 66 years old. Actor Gede Watanabe is 66 years old. Rock singer Chris Isak is 65 years old. Rock singer Patti Smith is 64 years old. Singer Terri Nunn (Berlin) is 62 years old. LeMond is 60 years old. Rock singer Harriet Wheeler (Sunday) is 58 years old. Country musician Eddie Perez (The Mavericks) is 53 years old. Rock musician Colin Greenwood (Radiohead) is 52 years old. Screenwriter Paul Thomas Anderson is 51 years old. Actor Sean Hayes is 51 years old. .. Actor Matt Letscher is 51 years old. Actor Chris O’Donnell is 51 years old. Actor Nick Offerman is 51 years old. The actress Rebecca Budig is 48 years old. Retired MLB All-Star Dereketter is 47 years old. Contemporary Christian musician Jeff Frankenstein (Newsboys) is 47 years old. Country singer. Gretchen Wilson is 47 years old. Rock musician Nathan Followil (Kings of Leon) is 42 years old. Pop rock singer and musician Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) is 42 years old. Actor musician Jason Schwartzman is 41 years old. The actor Aubrey Plaza is 37 years old. The actress and singer Jennette McCurdy is 29 years old. The actress and singer Ariana Grande is 28 years old.