Richmond artist creates sneakers to boost cash for households struggling as a result of pandemic

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – As the US economy continues to open up and many are back to work, there are still hundreds of families struggling financially.

Richmond artist Terrell Mack wants to help them put the right foot forward by donating the proceeds of his latest creation.

“I just want to help a family that has really been hit by the pandemic,” said Mack.

Mack is all about his community. NBC12 first introduced you to him two years ago when he was writing a coloring book for children entitled “ “The Blessed Book” aimed to stop violence.

“I wanted to find a creative way to keep them off the road,” said Mack.

Now he’s back with another artistic vision in the form of shoes called “Blessed B’s”.

“I chose this shoe because we just needed something positive,” said Mack.

This idea first came up in January when Mack contracted COVID-19, which resulted in pneumonia.

While one of the lucky few survivors, Mack decided to use his artistic skills to raise money for a family in need due to the pandemic.

“Some people give money, some give time, some give time. I only like to give my artwork to help someone else, ”said Mack.

The Blessed B’s are inspired by the Nike dunks, but each section of Mack’s shoes has a different theme that encourages positivity.

“I have a prayer hand … it’s a black hand and it’s a white hand, which means no matter what color … we can pray through whatever we want to go through,” said Mack.

The front of the shoe also reads “God’s Work” and the insole and back of the shoe have the scripture from Psalms 23: 1-6.

Mack says after all the recent violence and everything that’s happening in the world, the key for us is to keep a positive attitude and move forward. By creating these shoes, he is doing his part.

“The world is opening up, and if we all do our part, we can turn a better community into a better world,” said Mack.

The “Blessed B’s” adapt to the size. The size run is US men 7-13. There are five of each size for a total of 65 pairs. There will never be a replenishment, so go once – that’s it.

The link to pre-order shoes will be posted on May 16 at 12:00 noon. Acquire Click here.

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