REVIEW: Tusker Home Returns With Household-Model Character Breakfast at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Tusker House in Disney’s Animal Kingdom open again for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We sat down for the family breakfast, which is $ 42 for adults and $ 27 for children. Breakfast includes a basket of pastries, fresh fruit and a breakfast plate, with vegan options available on request. The restaurant was a buffet before COVID. Mickey and friends also cross the restaurant for a detached meet-and-greet.


The Tusker House Restaurant is located in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


We were some of the first guests to check into the reopened restaurant.

tusker house breakfast48

After checking in, we waited for a text message telling us that our table was ready.

tusker house breakfast49
tusker house breakfast45

Inside, a crowd of cast members greeted us warmly with “Jambo!”. They were all wonderful during our meal and seemed happy to be back.

tusker house breakfast47

You were done with a lot of jungle / POG juice.

tusker house breakfast44

With such a large dining area, it’s pretty easy to distance yourself at Tusker House.

tusker house breakfast42

The tables were all set.



The characters were the highlight of this culinary experience. They all kept busy with every guest and most of them took a break at each table to take photos. They loved showing off their safari costumes.

tusker house breakfast38

Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Mickey circle the restaurant.

tusker house breakfast37

Daisy threw kisses when she arrived.

tusker house breakfast36
tusker house breakfast35
tusker house breakfast34
tusker house breakfast27
tusker house breakfast26

The characters visited regularly while eating.

tusker house breakfast20
tusker house breakfast18
tusker house breakfast17
tusker house breakfast16

Since the characters don’t stop for autographs, guests will receive an autograph card at the end of the meal.

tusker house autograph card 1-9558896

Snow Leopard Vodka, Bols Peach Schnaps and Tusker House “Jungle Juice”

tusker house breakfast28

Before dinner we ordered two of the specialty cocktails. The jungle juice tastes exactly as you expect it to be. If you like POG juice then this is an excellent morning cocktail.

Made with Snow Leopard Vodka, a dash of African Berbere sauce and garnished with candied bacon

tusker house breakfast30

This is a lovely and flavorful Bloody Mary. The mixture is thick with a lot of tomato paste and tastes fresh as if it was homemade. We could barely taste the vodka.

Pastry basket / board

Safari bread, multigrain croissants and corn bread, served with whipped butter, chocolate-hazelnut spread and strawberry jam

tusker house breakfast14

The corn bread was warm and tasty. It was hearty but with a hint of sweetness. It goes well with a dash of butter and the strawberry jams.

tusker house breakfast13

The safari bread is a dense brioche-style bread. It is hearty and chewy and goes well with the chocolate and hazelnut spread.

tusker house breakfast12

The croissant remains remarkably light and flaky because it is multigrain. It’s a little boring in and of itself, but with a little strawberry jam it will perk you up.

Vegan pastries and fresh fruit

With honey yogurt sauce

tusker house breakfast23

Each table gets a bowl of fresh fruit with a honey yogurt sauce. Even so, we preferred the vegan yogurt that came with this tray. It was thick and fluffy and tasted like coconut based.

tusker house breakfast22

The vegan pastry option was good but not great. They didn’t seem ready to bring the vegan options so it took a while.

tusker house breakfast21

The pastry itself was still a bit frozen in the middle.

Breakfast plate

Scrambled eggs, Mickey & Simba waffles and Durban Chicken & Egg Curry with jasmine rice served with bacon, sausage and fried potatoes

tusker house breakfast10

The chicken and egg curry was excellent. It reminded us of the biryani in Sanaa. It was spicy but not really hot.

tusker house breakfast9

Everything was cooked to perfection. The chicken and chickpeas are tender. We were skeptical of the hard-boiled egg, but it actually works well with the dish.

tusker house breakfast5

The rest of the breakfast is pretty standard.

tusker house breakfast8

The potatoes stand out. With more spice and flavor, they were better than the potatoes at other similar breakfasts.

tusker house breakfast7

The sausage was the worst on the plate. It was greasy and not particularly hot. It had a decent sausage taste. The eggs were typical scrambled eggs.

tusker house breakfast6

The waffles were a little off. They were a little doughy and seemed overcooked on the outside and undercooked on the inside. Maybe the waffle irons just needed more time to be seasoned.

Vegetable breakfast plate

tusker house breakfast3

Instead of something more interesting, the plant-based platter just had vegan versions of the same food on the standard platter. That being said, the plant-based sausage was actually better than the real meat version. It was similar to falafel and had a more interesting flavor.

tusker house breakfast4

The vegan curry was good. It tasted just like the chicken and egg curry, but without the chicken and egg. It didn’t come with rice either.

tusker house breakfast2

The waffles weren’t great. They tasted like flour and were similar to the vegan waffles you get at other breakfasts.

tusker house breakfast1

The vegan eggs are best to avoid. The texture was okay, but the taste wasn’t close enough to egg to be called vegan eggs.

tusker house breakfast

A total of

This is a pretty standard but good breakfast. In terms of food we liked it better than the Cape May Cafe, which also recently reopened. Plus, the service was better and we got to see the characters we loved.

Is it better than the buffet version? We kind of doubt many will think that way, but it still provides an enjoyable experience.

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