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Very few reality TV shows have managed to maintain the element of drama as efficiently as this Real Atlanta housewives. Any RHOA performer can teach aspiring reality TV stars how to keep fans addicted even after 13 seasons as there is no dull moment in the show’s history. From explosive reunions to wig pulling to the chicest weddings and some of the most iconic one-liners RHOA has ever had.

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RHOA has really come on a groundbreaking journey and each of the cast members on the show has undergone a significant change, however not all are part of the show anymore. Be it the stubborn and brave NeNe Leakes who left the show after Season 12 or their frenemy Kim Zolciak who is never too far from the drama. But who is the most entertaining ex-RHOA performer?

10 Kim

Kim Fields, who was featured in Season 8, has the most amazing style, but she may be too grounded to actually get noticed on the show, especially when her fellow housewives know exactly how to bring the drama up. A good example would be the reunification battle Kim had with Kenya, where the latter delivered her famous “I don’t miss a shadow” line.

Kim simply appreciated Kenya for her work when Kenya remembered a past awkwardness involving Kim’s husband and things got messy and Kim really didn’t have a good comeback. During the same reunion, on many occasions, Kim did not really know what to say and passed on the questions intended for her. On any other ensemble reality show, this might be polite, but on RHOA the ladies never miss the opportunity to express their views, so Kim really acted as an underdog given the group dynamics and didn’t really do anything to help you with the Join fans of the show.

9 Eva

Eva may be the most misunderstood actress, but most of the time she stayed cool and stayed grounded. Eva’s best quality was that she loved being in the middle of it all, but wasn’t that good with things when it came to her or when a situation escalated. There have been many times on the show that she needed an ally to come to her rescue and she couldn’t handle the energy on her own.

The fact that Eva was the most relaxed person on the show reflected her behavior, but it was also why she wasn’t as efficient as others at turning people off. When asked to explain her sexuality in the season 11 reunion, she really should have refused to commit as she wasn’t interested in talking about it.

8th Claudia

Claudia was a straight shooter and had one of the most interesting arcs on the show as she was a radio personality and the show explored aspects of her professional life as well. Claudia was largely logic driven and very rarely gave in to unnecessary drama, but she also made the housewives a little insecure, as was obvious.

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While fans loved watching Claudia, she wasn’t interested in getting into any awkwardness and she was pretty good at de-escalating situations, which is great. But it has robbed the fans of a lot of opportunities to see a duel between Claudia and the other housewives that could have been explosive as they are all fascinated by Claudia. Besides, Claudia wasn’t very good at shadows or comebacks, and even during the big fight between Claudia and NeNe, Claudia couldn’t hold her own.

7th Lisa Wu

It’s possible Lisa took herself a little too seriously to actually thrive on the show or even have a good time. She is a former actress and television personality and wanted the people around her to treat her like a diva and at times this clashed with her fans’ expectations. She enjoyed an interesting dynamic with every one of her friends except Kim, and her life made up for really good television.

But the fact that she didn’t really like drama hurt her prospect on the show. She was an original member too and since most of her friends loved her she usually managed to get through every season with fabulous looks and some really great confessions on the show, but her one-on-one appearances could be pretty boring.

6th Demetria

Demetria was the queen of confrontations which made her such a great performer. She really knew how to take control of an exhilarating situation as she wasn’t afraid to be completely transparent. For example, when she called Phaedra during the explosive dinner scene in season 7 to explain why she had spread some vicious rumors about her.

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Demetria’s no-nonsense demeanor also made her one of the most approachable people on the show, as she wasn’t someone who would draw conclusions without getting to the bottom of the story and was a great listener. At the same time, fans enjoyed watching her turn things off when she felt like someone had wronged her.

5 Shamari

Shamari grew more assertive and stronger with every season of the year, and although she was bold, she knew how to keep things light and bubbly. It took her some time to get along with the other women as she was one of the youngest people on the show.

But Shamari also launched some of the most dramatic arguments on the series as she doesn’t shy away from speaking the truths out loud, which makes her a really interesting performer. For example, when she questioned Cynthia as a fashionista and stylist, but she quickly became self-sufficient and didn’t need her friends to end her arguments for her.

4th Sheree

Sheree was often the “advisor” for the cast and sometimes the point of contact when things hit a dead end. But Sheree is also great at answering a call when most people don’t. She usually doesn’t shade anyone unless she really feels threatened. For example when she pulled on Kim’s wig or when Sheree went for her party planner for not communicating with her, which gave way to her famous line: “Who’s going to check me out?”

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She has often been referred to as an aggressor and sometimes fans have commented on how she has anger issues. And while that’s true, Sheree never starts a fight that she can’t win. It’s really entertaining to watch her prove why she dragged someone in the first place.

3 Phaedra

Phaedra Parks real Atlanta housewives

Nobody has a shadow like Phaedra. “Your claim to fame is this show. But honey, I’m a housewife, ”she once said to NeNe. Phaedra does things her way, she doesn’t raise her voice or hit the belt in provocation, but she really never lets the drama get over her head.

Phaedra’s arguments almost always rely on reason as she is one of the most logical people on the series so fans can safely take root for her. She also has some of the best improvised comebacks on the show, which is what RHOA is really about, and fans have often wondered about her comic book timing.

2 Kim

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Everyone remembers the screaming text Kim sent NeNe in season 1 when she called her evil with a million exclamation marks. But strangely enough, Kim’s personality is more icy and much more reserved than it is usually perceived. But Kim had some of the funniest moments on the show, especially when she was pulling someone behind her back.

For example, when she mocked Phaedra nutcracker-style for her gender or referred to NeNe as an intern for work in the entertainment news business. Kim and NeNe also have one of the most iconic reality TV frenemies and there were times when it didn’t matter what Kim did, as long as she was on screen and NeNe was there too, fans were happy.

1 NeNe

NeNe licks real Atlanta housewives

RHOA is really not a RHOA without NeNe Leakes. Some of the most outrageous and powerful dramas to appear on the show have been provided by NeNe. She is hands down the most entertaining and unpredictable person on the series who kept viewers on their toes about their next move. In many ways, she set some trends for RHOA that other performers were simply trying to follow, such as how NeNe voiced all of her reunions complaints, or how she required complete transparency from people she considered friends.

IIt certainly helped that NeNe was so confident of what she wanted and how she wanted so that she could own every argument she started and actually carry out her own actions. And she’s the only housewife who can actually say, “I’m not keeping up with the Jones – I’m the Jones.”

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast, ranked by liking 2

The real housewives of Atlanta cast, ranked by liking

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