Purple Bull’s Dance Your Fashion Competitors Landed in Chicago

Photo credit: Chris Hershman / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull’s global Dance Your Style competition took off at the Windy City with a focus on footwork, jitting and more!

For years Red Bull has hosted dance competitions that featured some of the fastest and most talented dancers in the world. Synchronized Dance your style, its unique battle format has seen members of the movement community compete head-to-toe in qualifying rounds in cities across the United States ahead of the National Finals in Washington DC in 2021. One of those stops was the hometown of house music and footwork – Chicago.

Red Bulls Dance Your Style produced incredible local talent for everyone to see 25th of September at Thalia hall in the southwest of Chicago. This included renowned dancer Child nimbus, The Era Footwork Crew, DJ King Marie, and more. From the beginning of the show to the end, it was all about dance, music and, above all, the love of the city of Chicago – and we were lucky enough to get a front row seat.

Thalia Hall was lit with an eccentric energy that could be felt from the moment you walked into the venue.

Upon entering, I could get a good view from the balcony and immediately get a good feel for the energy of the audience and performers. It was set up like a classic back-alley dance-off, with a crowd forming a circle around the two dancers who competed against each other. There were a total of 15 rounds, with each participant only having one minute to show their hottest moves. As the battles continued, the winners played against each other until there was only one dancer left.

Something that stood out about Dance Your Style was that the audience had the opportunity to participate in the experience as well. Before we entered the main dance floor, we were given bracelets that could be either red or blue. After both dancers showed their moves, the MC called on the crowd to show which team they liked best. The lights would go out so all the bracelets could be clearly seen and the majority would be crowned victor. The oohs and ahhs of the crowd at the joint light show put a smile on my face every round, it was so much fun at an event like this.

Child nimbus and Lam Sedechu were the last to stand, fight, and show us incredible footwork and tutting skills. Both were incredible dancers, but in the end it was Kid Nimbus’ crazy flexibility, insane facial expressions, incredible agility and charisma that earned him the trophy. The crowd roared with excitement as MC Bravemonk looked at all the bracelets one last time and announced he was the winner.

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