Princess Stephanie: Royal’s model in photos

Princess Stephanie has followed several career paths over the years, from philanthropy to acting. The 56-year-old also worked as a fashion designer, and you can tell.

Although Stephanie always had big footsteps to fill in as the daughter of style icon Grace Kelly, she has done well.

Stephanie is a fan of elegant tailoring, clean cuts, skirt suits, neutral colors and the occasional dash of red. Over the years, Stephanie has been influenced by her mother’s style choices.

As she grew up, Stephanie preferred collared blazers in combination with slim pants, like the flashy white ensemble she wore to the 2002 Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament.

Or the striped blue-brown blazer with white trousers that she wore in 1983 when she was pictured with her boyfriend at the time, Paul Belmondo.

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Samantha was referring, for example, to Prince Albert’s coronation in 2005, when Stephanie wore “a tweed skirt suit but multi-colored fringes.”

She added, “Over the years we’ve seen them in textures like leather, satin, velvet, brocade.

“Although she was in a lot of black, the princess is not afraid of color.”

It has been depicted in bright colors like orange and purple over the years.

Over the past few years, Stephanie has preferred more neutral colors, suggesting that her style has shifted to more subtle and less flashy designs.

But she is also not afraid to try something new, such as the gold silk dressing gown-like long jacket that she wore at the Monaco Yacht Club in Monte Carlo last year.

The princess combined the coat with a collar with a plain white T-shirt and jeans.

Samantha said, “Fashion should be fun and style is an evolving journey for many women.

“What you wear in your 30s and 50s can be completely different.

“As we get to know ourselves, we fall in love with trends, fabrics and colors.

“It’s nice to see someone who is confident in shaking things up and trying out new trends.”

Samantha added that there are “definitely similarities” between Stephanie’s clothes and her mother’s clothes.

She said, “The tailoring is very Grace Kelly, as are some of the necklines that Stephanie seems to have preferred over the years.

“As a model, singer and fashion designer, fashion has definitely run in the blood over the years.”