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Princess Diana would have been “excited” when the Duchess of Sussex chose her little daughter’s name.

The late Royal’s former voice coach, Stewart Pierce, was overjoyed when Prince Harry’s mother, who died in a car accident in 1997, paid homage to the middle name of her grandson Lillibet’Lili’Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. I think I would have.

He told us weekly:

“Diana was an incarnation of love and an example of unconditional love, so she would have been very happy to have Baby and her beautiful name.”

Harry and the Duchess Megan announced on Sunday (06/06/21) that the little girl had arrived safely and that the baby had been named after Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth, whose nickname is Lillivet. ..

The couple, with their two-year-old son Archie, said in a statement: Their beloved late grandmother, Princess of Wales. “

Known as Megan Markle before she married the Flame-Haired Royale, Megan was happy to say that she and Harry were previously expecting a little girl.

“My husband and I are looking forward to having a daughter soon. It is a joy to share with millions of families around the world. When we think of them, we are all over the world. I think of young women and girls in the world. They are Earthlings who need the ability and support to move us forward, ”she said. Your future guidance is the decisions we make and the decisions we make. It depends on what we do now to prepare ourselves all for a successful, fair, and compassionate tomorrow. “

Princess Diana would love the name of Liribet Diana | Entertainment news

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