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Queen and Journey music was played everywhere from the largest stadium in the world to all of the dingy karaoke bars on the east coast.

No matter how often these songs are played, the magic of the songs makes them stagnate in case the next generation stumbles.

On the second and third Friday and Saturday in June, Prima Theater’s “Queen / Journey” is a fresh reminder of these songs at an outdoor arena-style performance in the Liberty Place parking lot.

According to Mitch Nugent, Executive Artistic Producer at Prima, the idea for the show “Queen / Journey” was decided almost a year ago in the 2021 planning phase.

“In particular, we focused on the times we lived and the songs that everyone could sing together,” says Newgent. “That is, show the feeling that our community, culture, land and art are united and responsible for helping people celebrate their lives, especially what we have all experienced.”

While every songbook has weathered the challenges of time, it can’t make singing the song any easier. After all, Journey frontman Steve Perry has been called “The Voice” and Freddie Mercury is considered one of the greatest singers and performers of rock and roll.

To this end, three singers exchange their vocal commitments throughout the show. The show will feature Asia Little John, Grace Burns (following her role in the production of Jekyll and Hyde in 2019). (Returns to Prima) and Donovan Hoffer from Lancaster, who has moved to Chicago.

When you go

What: “Queen / Journey” in the Prima Theater

Dates: June 11 (Friday), June 12 (Saturday), June 18 (Friday), June 19 (Saturday) starting at 8:00 p.m.

Location: Liberty Place Parking Lot, 313 W. Liberty St., Lancaster

Cost: Standard Entry: $ 42; Premium booking entry, $ 68.

Details: It is recommended to bring a garden chair. Bathrooms and food trucks are available on site. We recommend wearing a mask unless you are sitting For many.

“Rock music fascinates people,” says Hoffer. “It’s something that everyone can bring together and celebrate. We all sing together. That makes me so excited about this “Queen / Journey” concert. I think people are hungry to go out and see live music, especially given the pandemic that happened last year. “

Surgical side

“Queen / Journey” follows the combo show “Sammy & Sinatra” with similar intentions in March. The show took the form of a 1939 Buick Special that drove through the city of Lancaster, but “Queen / Journey” aims to recreate the exaggerated dramas and drama of each band’s heyday. I am. yourself.

“What (producers and directors) always say is as written,” sings like Freddie Mercury, “says Hoffer.” Don’t do any vocal exercises because people don’t want to hear that. I speak for myself personally – you want to stay true to the original, but it says it. But it’s cool that these singers are portrayed as opera singers, because I also have this side in the soprano part. I’m trying to find a balance. I let myself come, my taste is in performance and passion, But I try to keep the truth out loud

This is not the first time that Hoffer, who graduated from Penmanor High School in 2009, has combined a classically trained soprano voice with a sharp-edged rock style on stage. A few years ago Hoffer joined the choir on Broadway’s “Rock Topia,” a show that combines classical rock and classical music. Ironically, the show’s website describes “Rock Topia” as “Queen and Journey Meet Beethoven’s Odeode Song”.

Hoffer was called in to attend the show en route to an overland flight to Los Angeles to record a rehearsal for NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Hoffer is not contractually a mother on the details of his position on the show, but he sang a song from “The Phantom of the Opera” because the show’s producer wanted him to bring out the opera side. TT

When the season starts in June, viewers will know his fate.

“I felt, ‘Wow, the universe is looking at me,'” says Hoffer. “If nothing happens in America’s Got Talent, I’m looking forward to this concert after this experience.”

Newgent explains that it is important to have a certain level of talent in order to interpret not only the music of these masters, but also Prima himself.

“Someone (when I saw the show) did it and thought, ‘It was as beautiful as another world at the time. ‘I was tired of the worldly crap. “Says Newgent. “Or if you eat a slice of pizza in a good place and think it’s still tasty and okay, and then eat a gourmet pizza, you can’t go back to another. In all transparency, the fight was real in that it promised to lower that chin level. “

The effect of the arena concert

In addition to three singers and a four-piece band, Prima consulted with music production experts across the county on everything from lighting fixtures to stage scrims like Tait, Stray and Shumaker. The stage itself is built on a 35 foot stretch. Does not contain any additional stage extension.

“Our taste is a fresh experience, but how is this a unique and fresh experience compared to a tribute concert?” Says Newgent. “We are in this county with Rock Rititz and we have a lot of skill and talent. So we thought we could probably do this at a level that other tertiary cities couldn’t. In the truest sense of the word we. Tests all the effects of an arena concert. All the crazy ideas that came up at 1am in the morning were, “At the bike race, the actors should jump off the stage with their motorcycles.” Let’s do that! Someone said, “Oh, that would be fun,” so I said, “No, I’ll do it.”

There is no guarantee that music will survive beyond its expected storage life. Even more, dozens of songs from two completely different bands (Nugent calls the band’s catalog “Golden Stockpile”).

While the show looks a bit different than a regular rock concert, Prima offers a stage that gives the well-known rock concert a new twist.

“This is a comeback for Grace as a performer and Asia,” says Hoffer. “The difference is that it’s not just the show, it’s the first time the three of us have had a live concert in front of an audience over a year ago. It is a great pleasure for us and the band. And will be very contagious. “

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Prima Theater brings Queen and Travel Music to Lancaster in June | entertainment

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