The daily activities in the courthouse from 1839 to 1930 are examined in the south-western gallery “See you in court”. Visitors can simulate mock trials and learn more about the role of the courts.

The gallery spaces are designed by Haley Sharpe Design with the help of the park staff. The company designed the exhibits at the Gateway Arch Museum, which reopened in 2018.

The courthouse has not undergone major renovations since 1972, but is otherwise structurally solid and well-maintained, Sanfilippo said.

“It’s been a while,” she said. “We are way overdue.”

The new exhibits will be more interactive and contain multimedia elements. The gallery rooms have exhibits that are more focused on the expansion of the West and served as a temporary museum space while the Arch Museum was being renovated.

The court windows, some need replacing and most of which cannot be opened, let in more natural light and help people see outside and find their way around the city center.

The bigger challenge in construction is to modernize the air conditioning and the building without compromising the historical and structural integrity of the building itself.

“We’re very careful,” said Sanfilippo. “Do you know where are they going to put the pipes? How are they going to get through so they don’t damage the historical structure and structure? “