The pandemic has slowed car shows across the country, but there are still plenty of new cars and trucks ready to hit the streets this year.

“Consumers in the market are of course still looking for vehicles and the auto industry is not stalling,” said automotive expert Mike Caudill.

Caudill takes us through the Steel Museum in Detroit to take a look at the latest vehicles from 2021.

First up – the Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

“L stands for long wheelbase. It is the first time with the jeep that they offer 3 rows. In the 4 × 4 outdoor area, you get 5 different off-road driving modes, ”added Caudill. “With the interior, they refined it with a massive touchscreen inside this vehicle, and one of my favorite features is the massaging of seats inside this jeep.”

Price starts at $ 30,000.

Another choice for off-road use is the Nissan Frontier pick-up and the Pathfinder, Nissan’s flagship, the Pathfinder.

“The exterior design is fantastic because it has been redesigned for the new year. There’s this wireless induction charging touchscreen on the inside, ”said Caudill.

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, check out the Lincoln Nautilus, with its touchscreen controls and white leather seats.

“America’s best-selling three-row luxury SUV of all time is in the right place. It’s the Acura MDX, and they’ve redesigned it from the ground up. It will be lower, longer and wider. It’s about performance, ”said Caudill. “One of the coolest tech features you can find in the auto industry right now is the introduction and integration of Amazon and its Alexa service into the interior of this vehicle. Just say ‘Hey Alexa’ and you can work with it just like in your home. “

This starts at $ 50,000.

When it comes to electric vehicles, Toyota is America’s number one hybrid seller. Their latest offering – the Mirai.

“This is a hydrogen fuel cell plug-in vehicle that allows you to build this hydrogen fuel cell technology into the site,” Caudill said. “Toyota is hedging its bets on the next iteration of the technology. On the inside made of white leather, touchscreens show all the technical features of the vehicle interior. “

The pandemic had a major impact on the auto industry, forcing many manufacturing plants to close. Things are picking up speed again now.

“At first we thought the sales in the industry were really going to go down, but automakers got very creative with how they rated their vehicles and the best part is that the industry hasn’t hit as badly as we thought it would. “

While auto sales have rebounded and demand has increased, the auto industry is now grappling with another problem. A lack of computer chips.

New cars cannot be made without them. The shortage is now forcing many companies to cut production.