Prada Drops ’90s type monolith loafers

When it comes to retrospectives, the ’90s never seem to die. The preppy but minimalist look of the era is still enthusiastically supported, and if you call yourself a member of the “Baby of the 90’s” delegation. PradaThe latest shoes are perfect for you.

Prada Monolith Loafers bring the best of the 90s on your feet. Based on Maison’s hugely popular monolith boots, the loafers look pretty heavy but in reality have a distinctive, chunky sole unit that is the exact opposite. By using slightly inflated rubber, Prada was able to create a robust sole with a 60 mm heel and at the same time make it extremely light.

Prada is recreating its own ’90s style by placing an enameled triangular logo on the leaf indicating the penny loafers. The brushed leather upper has stitching and a raised apron around the leaf. A leather insole, which is marked with Prada’s metallic-silver Monica, and other brands, which are embossed on rubber heels, round off the luxurious pair.

The combination of loafer upper and monolith sole is reminiscent of the Sher Horowitz ignorance atmosphere. We just want to put on white socks and slip in and trample on the fantasy of the 90s. The only obstacle to the plan could be the $ 960 price tag associated with the territory. If that doesn’t matter, congratulations on officially unlocking the last baby-level locks of the 90s.

To deal with these setbacks are hybrid monolith loafers

Prada Drops’ 90s style monolith loafers

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