Potential stimulus cash to assist Bay Space restaurant revival

Restaurants could soon see financial relief in the $ 1.9 trillion economy that was just going through the Senate. It includes $ 28.6 billion specifically for small restaurants and bars.

Video transcript

– – It wasn’t the busiest night at the Farmers Union in San Pedro Square, but compared to a month ago …

– – Where we are now, I think we’re fine.

– – Assistant general manager Jeffrey Worrell says most customers are still cautious about entering the house.

JEFFREY WORRELL: You will be. Once they become more comfortable and more people get vaccinated, business will flourish.

– – Although this group came specially to dine indoors.

– – It feels soothing.

– – I just wanted to come in. It’s colder outside.

– – Not everyone took the opportunity to bring people back into the house.

DAVID MULVEHILL: We’ll probably do that next week. So I just want to take the time to make sure people are comfortable first, and make sure employees are comfortable.

– – David Mulvehill runs O’Flaherty’s pub. He says they are also waiting to see what happens to the stimulus plan in Congress that would allow restaurants to re-access loans from the payment protection plan to help pay employees.

– – I haven’t seen all the details yet, but of course we’re happy. It seems like a step in the right direction for restaurants and bars.

– – PPP wouldn’t have been enough to help Umberto Bala, who said he had to sell his Cambell brewery last year, which couldn’t reopen due to COVID restrictions.

UMBERTO BALA: My heart. It hurt my bag too, but mostly my heart. You know losing your baby is hard

– – He still runs the Vin Santo restaurant in Willow Glen. I’m just glad it stayed afloat.

– – You know, as a restaurant owner, you will never get rich from owning a restaurant, but it’s a lifestyle.

– – While PPP money would be nice, he says – he’s joking, there’s one thing that it doesn’t pay off for.

– – The weather is getting better so we can no longer use the heating. Because propane is very expensive.

– – In San Jose, Matt Boone, ABC 7 News.