Politics being performed together with your cash


While things are slowly unwinding, I felt it was very important to get Senate Bill 842 to a vote. This bill was an easy fix to make sure you were NOT taxed on the federal money you received during the pandemic. Federal Democrats and Republicans agree that the state shouldn’t tax it.

Well, the Democrats in the State Senate have decided they want to keep your money even though they are sitting on BILLIONS of extra dollars through federal incentives. You can read the full press release below. I thought it was important to send you a special email today.

You know how to spend your money best, not the Portland politicians who just can’t help but keep every dollar they can. It’s extremely disappointing.

With best regards,

SALEM, Oregon. – Today the Senate Democrats were jailed to block Republican legislation to return an estimated $ 300 million in taxes to middle-class families. Due to a quirk in Oregon tax law, an estimated 870,000 Oregonians paid more state taxes simply because they received a stimulus check.

Senator Dick Anderson (R-Lincoln City), who introduced Senate Bill 842 in March to return that money to the Oregonians, moved the Senate to debate and vote on the measure. The Senate Democrats voted in lockstep to reject the motion.

“I’m a former mayor,” said Senator Anderson. “I’m used to passing on sensible, bipartisan ideas that fix unintended consequences. It is extremely disappointing that this bill stood in the way of partiality. There is no valid reason to take part in Oregonian business reviews, especially given the current financial condition of Oregon. “

Congress passed three separate bills last year that sent the Oregonians three stimulus checks. The maximum that the average family of four could have paid in increased state income tax is $ 1,000 between all three payments. That’s $ 1,000 that should help these families weather the storm deep in the pandemic. On the other hand, the state of Oregon has billions of dollars in unexpected revenue.

Congressman Peter DeFazio sent a letter to Governor Brown, Spokesman Kotek and President Courtney in February advocating tax exemption for stimulus payments. Said Congress intended that these payments should be tax-free, he said, “It is unreasonable to ask the working-class families, who have struggled the most during this crisis, to shoulder the weight of the state’s budget deficit.” As of the writing, Oregon had a projected budget deficit. Oregon now has a billion surplus.

“Democrats blocking this legislation are showing the Oregonians exactly where their priorities are,” said Senate Republican leader Fred Girod (R-Lyons). “This money belongs in the pockets of the Oregonians. It is only right to give it back to them. I hope the Democrats find it in their hearts to pass this bill during the next session. “

Starting July 1, additional stimulus payments will be sent to Oregoners with children. It is not known whether some of these payments will also be diverted to the state.

“Talks about the new child tax credits are the kind of talks that should be started with this bill, but since it has been blocked on committee, working-class families will again be in limbo about how those payments will affect their taxes,” Senator Anderson added added.

The motion to debate Senate Law 842 failed with 11 to 17 votes, largely along the party lines. It will remain on the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee, where it will likely die unless the Democrats suddenly decide that giving the Oregonians the full benefit of their stimulus check is a priority