Poker Run to boost cash for civilian and Veteran teams

TUPELO, miss. (WTVA) – On Saturday, a group of motorcyclists took the time to do what they love and raised money for civil and veteran groups.

“It’s fun, I enjoy it,” said biker Jeffrey Taylor. “It’s a lot of fun getting out of there with everyone.”

Jeffrey Taylor was preparing to hit the road on his bike, but this time it wasn’t for fun, it was for a good cause.

“To donate to a good cause for something you love,” said Taylor. “How can you ask for anything better?”

The Cav VFW hosted a poker run. It’s a game of poker, but on wheels. The event is a fundraiser for groups of veterans who wish to work with families of military personnel serving abroad.

The event is usually known for cyclists, but —

“You don’t have to be on a bike to support the cause,” said biker Mike Winter.

Mike Winter served on a tour in Vietnam. On Saturday he arrived in his Slingshot car to support the cause as well.

“Whenever the VFW does something, we try to support them,” said Winter. “Because the money goes straight back to the community through the veterans.”

The event was the first ever fundraiser by the Cav VFW and over 20 drivers participated.