Pasco trainer receives paycheck again after he says part-time DoorDash job price him cash

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Jospeh Hall, a Pasco County teacher who worked part-time for DoorDash this summer, says the company finally refunded money it withdrew from its bank account.

This is after Hall reached out to Better Call Behnken for help getting through To the company.

Hall says the $ 72.76 was refunded for one day of payment. Hall says this fight was about the principle that anyone who works for pay should get the money they made.

“I know it’s not a lot of money, but I worked because I needed extra money over the summer,” Hall said. “If you work you should be paid, and I have chosen to fight to help people who depend on such a job for all of their income.”

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Hall says he enjoyed delivering food for DoorDash until one of his paychecks was canceled.

Hall said he received Suncoast Credit Union and DoorDash on a conference call and the grocery company asked for something in writing to say the payment will be reversed.

As reverb for the first time Better to call Behnken, he showed this letter and said he sent it to DoorDash but “they still say they can’t see they did the opposite” so they don’t give the money back.

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A DoorDash spokeswoman said she would investigate and called back to say her team was working with Hall to get the money back. She blamed a “technical error”.

Halle forwarded an email to Better to call Behnken which he received from DoorDash that there is an issue with the company processing payments and that the outage affected all accounts linked to a Visa.

Hall said he was pleasantly surprised when he checked his bank account to see the money was refunded.