Overland Park pickleball leisure venues at Prairiefire, 91st and Metcalf win remaining approval

The Overland Park Planning Commission swiftly and unanimously approved final development plans for two entertainment venues around pickleball courts on Monday.

A new Chicken N Pickle restaurant and bar is on already under construction at Prairiefire along 135th Street, but the developers had made some minor changes to the site plan that needed approval.

The commissioners have also given the final site plan of the SERV Promontory the green light, a venue in the 91st and Metcalf This includes pickleball courts and several restaurants that are housed in converted shipping containers.

Both points fell under the approval agenda of the commission, which was unanimously adopted with 9: 0 without discussion.

Chicken N Pickle Optimizations

Chicken N Pickle, which operates its popular flagship location in North Kansas City, laid the foundation for its Prairiefire franchise last year with the hope of being able to open sometime in the fall.

The new zoning plan approved on Monday reduces the number of outdoor pickleball playgrounds from five to four.

A rendering previously filed with the Overland Park Planning Commission depicting a new chicken and pickle at Prairiefire on 135th Street. A green area planned for the site can be converted into an ice rink in winter according to the development plans. Photo credit Yaeger Architecture.

This allows a nearby building with indoor spaces to be relocated to make room for electrical equipment that can be mounted on the floor and shielded from the view of passing motorists.

The revised plan of Chicken N Pickle also dispenses with fabric covering the outdoor areas and replaces them with a metal roof.

In a memo to the commission, city officials said this was done because the fabric material did not work well on the elements at another Chicken N Pickle location.

A large green area seems to be planned on the site, which can be converted into an ice rink in the winter months.

Details on the SERV foreland plan

The final plan for the development of the SERV foothills on 91st and Metcalf was largely unchanged from the plan approved by the planning commission in April.

This plan includes six indoor and two outdoor pickleball courts, seven repurposed shipping containers that house restaurants, bars or coffee kiosks, a performance stage and a large outdoor TV screen.

The latest SERV Promontory plan included traffic and environmental impact studies. City officials concluded that the development would not have a negative impact on traffic flow along the busy Metcalf Corridor.

A rendering of the SERV Promontory project planned for the 91st and Metcalf, which will include an outdoor entertainment area with a large TV screen, a performance stage and several converted shipping containers with restaurants and bars. Image via Overland Park Planning Commission.

The staff note also came to the conclusion that SERV’s design plan would not require any additional rain or flood protection measures, as the site plan would reduce the amount of “impermeable surface” compared to today’s.

There are still concerns about the noise that the SERV Promontory will make after its completion.

The city employees stated: “The applicant is aware of these concerns and must mitigate complaints from surrounding property owners and comply with the noise ordinance.”

Concerns about possible noise problems led Commissioner Holly Streeter-Schaefer to cast the only vote against the plan in April.

However, together with the eight other commissioners, she unanimously agreed to the SERV plan on Monday.

The developers had previously announced that they would break the ground at SERV Promontory this year, with the aim of opening sometime in 2022.