Outside leisure occasions return to Portland in a giant approach

PORTLAND, Ore – Now that the weather is warmer, outdoor events are making a big comeback in Portland.

There are several to choose from this weekend alone, including an outdoor projection and a performance experience at the Portland Art Museum.

“Everything is starting to spin a little when it comes to outdoor programming and virtual programming,” said Jaleesa Johnston, program director for the Portland Art Museum.

Although COVID restrictions are easing, people at the PAM event on Saturday night had to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines.

Zidell Yards along the South Waterfront hosted an outdoor concert Saturday night. It was one of a series of events scheduled for the venue this summer.

“Oh my god, it’s so amazing, it’s amazing to come back out, and it’s almost like that big welcome party that everyone has on the same weekend,” said Michelle Shaffer as she settled in for the concert.

Multnomah County is now in the lower risk category in Oregon. That means more capacity for restaurants and retail stores. It also means more people will be encouraged to get off.

“I’m ready to see people and just get out in the sun and just be around other people,” said Megan Holmes.