Oscars Newest: Arrivals start for an uncommon Academy Awards | Leisure


The show producers hope to bring some of the traditional glamor back to the Oscars even in a pandemic year.

The red carpet is back, but not the crowd; Only a handful of media are allowed on site. Casual wear is a no-no.

If you pull the musical interludes (if not the in-memoriam segment) from the three-hour broadcast and drastically cut the time it takes the winners to reach the podium, there will be plenty of time for the ceremony. And producers under the direction of filmmaker Steven Soderbergh promise a reinvented television show.

The Oscars will look more like a movie, Soderbergh said. The show will be more widescreen and the presenters – including Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, Harrison Ford, Rita Moreno and Zendaya – are considered “performers”. The first 90 seconds of the broadcast, according to Soderbergh, will “immediately announce our intention”.

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