Orange Is the New Black’s Taryn Manning engaged to Anne Cline | Leisure

Taryn Manning is engaged to Cline Street singer Anne Cline.

The Orange Is the New Black star’s friend asked the question during one of her performances at a restaurant / bar in Panama City, Florida.

TMZ received recordings of the suggestion where the 27-year-old musician paused her concert to run to the 42-year-old actress to ask for her hand.

The couple then hugged and the audience cheered when Taryn replied, “Yes!”

A representative of the ‘Last Call’ star confirmed the couple’s happy news to the news agency.

They said, “It was the easiest YES I’ve ever said!”

Though the couple in love kept their romance out of the spotlight, they were spotted out on a dog walk together in March.

Meanwhile, Taryn has previously spoken out about her estrangement from her family and her desire to be reconciled with them.

In 2017 she said, “I lost my mother, not to death. The hardest part is that my mother is still alive, but we are estranged. It is really sad to see how a beautiful relationship crumbles over bs

“I’m really hopeful that things will come to an end that went on. I’ve lost a lot in my life.

“It’s one of my greatest things to make up with my family and make them understand my side.”

The screen star added that if you can’t love yourself, it’s impossible to love someone else.

She said, “And that’s number one, clichéd as it sounds. It’s the cliché, kind of nerdy thing. ‘You cannot love anyone until you love yourself.’ But it’s true, you really can’t.

“Forgiveness is another form of letting go. I think to let someone go and be really serious, it’s a boomerang and they are coming back.

“Because true love always comes back. And family love should come back. “