OneRepublic share new single and music video for Run | Leisure

OneRepublic shared their new single and promo for ‘Run’.

Ryan Tedder and Co have given fans another taste of their upcoming 2016 sequel to ‘Oh My My’.

In the promo, the front man portrays a movie star who runs between different sets.

The pop group’s fifth studio album, “Human”, will also include previously released singles “Rescue Me”, “Somebody To Love”, “Wanted”, “Didn’t I” and “Better Days”.

Ryan recently revealed that the idea for Rescue Me came to him like a “stream of consciousness.”

Speaking of the single questioning a person’s loyalty in a friendship, he said, “Rescue Me was written very quickly, 10 minutes or less, almost a stream of consciousness.

“I said to Brent, our bassist and cellist, ‘I want to write a song with a concept that I started a few years ago (called’ Rescue Me ‘).’

“He started playing that lonely sounding guitar riff and the first thing that came out of my mouth was the chorus as it is now.

“The concept: There is give and take in every friendship, but sometimes you have to ask yourself whether the love you give is the love you get.”

Meanwhile, Ryan previously admitted that the “Stop and Stare” hitmakers “bumped into a wall” after a decade on the street.

The 41-year-old music star said the ‘Counting Stars’ group burned itself out and “fell victim to our own ambitions” by trying too hard. So they decided to take a three-month break in 2017.

In 2018 he announced: “We reached our 10th anniversary last January and took three months off!

“We have preoccupied ourselves with too many things and eventually become victims of our own ambitions.

“In a decade, none of us has patted each other on the back.

“We assume that tomorrow it could all be gone, that the next song you put out could be an utter disaster.

“I think for a lot of artists it takes to hit the wall before you know where the wall is.

“You run in the dark and then it hits you.

“Now that I know where that wall is, I believe and pray that I will never meet it again.”