LOS ANGELES (AP) – Raise a glass for “One More Round”.

The film from Denmark, directed by Thomas Vinterberg, won the Oscar for best international feature film.

“This is more than anything I can imagine,” said Vinterberg on Sunday evening from the stage at Union Station in Los Angeles. “Except that’s something I always imagined.”

It is the fourth time that a film from Denmark has won this category. The last one was “In a Better World” in 2010.

In “Another Round” Mads Mikkelson is part of a group of school teachers who try to stay slightly drunk all day in order to break out of their midlife malaise.

Vinterberg is also nominated for the best director on Sunday evening.

He dedicated part of his speech to his daughter, who he said died in a motorway accident four days after filming Another Round.

“In the end we made this film for her as her memorial,” said Vinterberg. “So Ida, this is a miracle that just happened.”

This story has been updated to correct the spelling of Thomas Vinterberg’s last name.

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