On The Streets: Hottest tendencies from dreamy frocks to quirky baggage, Fashion Information & High Tales

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Staycay style

Wrap it up

Designers took the house outside and turned throws and blankets into cozy style statements. Whether plain, printed, plush or quilted, they can be casually tossed around your shoulders. Or grab a poncho with rustic prints for a rustic chic.

Visual escape

Indulge your wanderlust with accessories made of natural materials – basket, raffia and seaweed – that are reminiscent of airy beach vacations. Unexpected shapes make bags fun, while mixed materials add depth to the resort look.

Aztec equation

Geometric tribal prints get a new life when done with a maximalist slant. Lively color combinations, plush textures and patchwork prints increase the happy meter, while clear, classic silhouettes offset the exaggerated quotient for a super wearable look.

Local respect


How do you look modern with fringe decorations, woven tapestry details and beadwork of indigenous styles for everyday wear? Just don’t go through with it.

Choose one or two items – like a fringed cardigan or a bag with a native print – and combine them with upscale basics to really accentuate your look. Then mix golden balls with fun beads for a high-low mash-up.

Social identity

Houndstooth bag. PHOTO: GUCCI

Carry your culture with pride in contemporary wardrobe classics revamped with traditional textiles and heritage prints. Play with accessories like chinoiseries earrings or a bag with a houndstooth pattern.

Eyes spy


Traditionally worn to drive away evil juju, the evil eye jewelry has re-emerged this season as an emblem of protection, with iterations that are painted, enameled, and blinged-out.

Whether worn on the ears, on the neck, on the wrist or on the fingers, the talismanic Malocchio gives a touch of quirk and at the same time offers comfort in these uncertain times.

Garden walk


Vintage wallpaper-inspired prints are back, switching from old-fashioned to fashionable with a game of silhouette and texture.

Add some pizzazz to maxi lengths with pleats or go easy in a romantic, floating number with boots. Finish with extras that emphasize your personality.

MTV generation

Bucket hats


Popularized by rappers in the 1980s and an integral part of street fashion in the 1990s, bucket hats have overtaken trucker caps as a fashionable mainstay.

Pick one in a whimsical hue, then pair it with the rest of your outfit.

Graphic t-shirts

Graphic t-shirts. PHOTOS: NET-A-PORTER, GUCCI

Bring out your inner child with a loud and proud graphic t-shirt. Who knows? You might meet a kindred spirit and make a new friend.

90s pants

Comfort and swag with relaxed pants. PHOTOS: VIENNA, KOCH

Bring back comfort and swag with casual pants that sit high at the waist. Balance the silhouette with an elegant leather jacket and Chica hoop earrings, go all out with a color-coordinated hoodie or layer a short top and a boho shawl coat with lots of jewelry.

More than words


Do you have something to say? Scream it out with your outfit.

Throw a wink at the eatery, use a tagline to sum up the setting of the day, or make a statement with a …, well, statement bag.


Thom Browne’s Hector bag. PHOTO: THOM BROWNE

Do you love your furry munchkin? Don’t just say it, show it – with one of these cool finds. Regardless of whether it is a funny and chic basket bag or a printed t-shirt with a mutt embossing, the Bow-Wow-Club is sure to agree.

Bum bags


Bum bags, also called bum bags, are here to stay.

The convenience of strap it around your shoulder, wearing it over your shoulder, or having your hands free with one strapped around your waist gave this 90s magazine a fashionable renaissance.