Observe the Cash

Next week, Gulfport voters from across the city will vote who sits on two council seats. We interviewed the candidates and wrote about many aspects of their campaigns and goals over the past few months. This week we reviewed each candidate’s most recent financial report.

A few notes on the following numbers: All data except the average donation includes money candidates who have either been donated or borrowed for their campaigns. We’ve rounded all numbers to the nearest dollar. For a full list of donors, the amount they donated, and other fiduciary information, see this story at thegabber.com. If you would like to see the original reports from the candidates, you can email the city clerk (ldemuth@mygulfport.us) to request them.

Christine Brown, Incumbent, Division 2

Christine Brown has been a member of the city council since 2013. She is her own treasurer and campaign manager.

Total raised: $ 3386

Gulfport Residential and Corporate Donations: US $ 2,886

Percentage of funds raised in Gulfport: 85%

Number of donors: 10

Number of donors from Gulfport: 8

Average donation: $ 191

Donations and Loans: $ 2586

In-kind (trade) donations: USD 800

Business donations: $ 500

Mike Bauer, challenger, station 2

Treasurer: Bill Oetting

Campaign Manager: Kate Bauer-Jones

Total raised: $ 3,214

Gulfport Residents and Businesses donations: $ 1,175

Percentage of funds raised in Gulfport: 37%

Number of donors: 46

Number of Gulfport donors: 16

Average donation: $ 67

Donations and Loans: $ 3,160

In-kind (commercial) donations: USD 54

Corporate Donations: $ 54

Michael Fridovich, incumbent, District 2

Michael Fridovich has been a member of the city council since 2013. He’s his own treasurer. Barry Edwards acts as his campaign manager.

Treasurer: Myself

Campaign Manager: Barry Edwards

Total raised: $ 3,120

Gulfport Residents and Businesses donations: US $ 1,290

Percentage of funds raised in Gulfport: 41%

Number of donors: 25

Number of Gulfport donors: 11

Average Donation: $ 113

Donations and Loans: $ 3,020

In-kind (commercial) donations: USD 100

Business donations: 0

Richard Fried, Challenger, Division 2

Richard Fried does not list a treasurer or campaign manager for his campaign, which is entirely self-funded.

Treasurer: None listed

Campaign Manager: None listed

Total collected: $ 2,454

Donations from Gulfport Residents and Businesses: 0

Percentage of money raised in Gulfport: 100%

Number of donors: 1 (self-financed campaign)

Number of Gulfport donors: 1 (self-funded campaign)

Average donation: 0

Donations and Loans: $ 2,454

Donations in kind (trade donations): 0

Corporate donations: 0

Ian O’Hara, Challenger, Division 4

Treasurer: David Hastings

Campaign Manager: By Committee

Total raised: $ 3808

Gulfport Residents and Businesses donations: $ 3,693

Percentage of funds raised in Gulfport: 95%

Number of donors: 39

Number of donors from Gulfport: 37

Average Donation: $ 69.40

Donations and Loans: $ 2607

In-kind (trade) donations: USD 202

Corporate Donations: $ 148

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