NZXT capsule USB microphone

Image credit: NZXT

I recently reviewed the NZXT Streaming Plus PC, so it is only fitting that the stylish system integrator unveiled its first streaming microphone just a few days later.

The NZXT Capsule, a cardioid USB microphone that retails for $ 129.99, is marketed as “plug-and-play” and has “nothing to configure” out of the box. You can order the capsule in either white or black, and if you like it extra chic, you can combine it with the newly released low-noise Boom Arm. The companion accessories, which are already sold out on the NZXT website, cost an additional $ 99.99.

The capsule offers features such as 24-bit audio, a pre-configured gain level (which you can set yourself) and a cardioid polar pattern that claims to “capture your voice and nothing else”. There’s also an internal shock mount, internal pop filter, and what appears to be a metal construction.

Early reviews for the capsule seem promising so farMany testers praise the recording quality and the simple installation of the device. The higher price tag, especially when compared to other similar mid-tier USB mics, as well as the lack of extensive on-board adjustment dials seem to be the main drawbacks so far.

The capsule should, at least in terms of first impressions, be a solid choice for gamers and streamers who don’t get lost in professional audio details and want (generally) good audio quality coupled with plug-and-play simplicity. Plus, after the first few pictures, the NZXT aesthetic seems to largely shine through. If that minimal, clean visual stimulus is your thing, this might be a peripheral that you should check out.

I should get a capsule tester soon, so hands-on reviews will be released shortly. It will be interesting to see firsthand if this mic is a worthy addition to NZXT’s existing line of streaming pre-build PCs.

Maybe a NZXT webcam is in sight? Speculation wouldn’t be far-fetched.