NSU basketball: they’re taking part in with home cash at this level

At least that was what head coach Robert Jones suggested when referring to the pressure on his team.

INDIANAPOLIS – The Norfolk State Spartans fled Monday. It was the first time they left their rooms in Indianapolis. What better way to get away than to go to the practice area?

NSU only has a few days to prepare for March Madness. Her first foursome with Appalachian State gives a tip on Thursday night.

Head coach Robert Jones is trying to keep that focus on the first game, despite number one Gonzaga in the country waiting for the winner on Saturday.

Jones took a moment to look ahead. Of course, the Spartans got the shock over Missouri in the first round in 2012. According to Jones, it’s a completely different game than Norfolk State-Missouri. If we play this game, they’ll have to make a statue of Echols in front of them. “

But he quickly added, “First things first, Appalachian State.”

The main part of Monday’s training was getting back into rhythm. They looked relaxed. When asked if there is additional pressure now, Jones said, “I’ve had more pressure to play Central and Morgan than now. I’m not saying I’m relaxed because I’m a competitor and I want to go all the way.” to the last four if I can. “

Jones says of those who automatically qualified, like the Spartans, “All of us, not just us, are playing house money at this point because it’s so hard to get there. Now it just goes off.”

In such an odd season where almost everyone has postponed a handful of games due to COVID, there is great uncertainty about the NCAA tournament. Jones ponders, “It’s really open to anyone who is honest. And we hope we can be anyone who does the run. Why not us?”