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Nick and Lauren Carter named their daughter Pearl.

A Backstreet Boys graduate and his wife became parents for the third time on April 21, and Nick has now revealed that their new name is Pearl.

Nick posted a photo of his daughter relaxing in a locker that looks like a gift from someone on her Instagram story on Friday (6/4/21).

And out of gratitude to the person who sent the gift, I wrote “Pearl LOVESThank you”.

Pearl is a new addition to the Carter family, joining brothers Odin Rein (5 years old) and Sisha (19 months old).

Meanwhile, Nick confirmed the arrival of his second daughter in an Instagram post in April.

He said at the time: “I am proud to announce that our baby was officially born. But the parents are so familiar that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. We have some minor complications, but it’s gotten a little better since the first night.

“I want to thank everyone who prayed and thought well during this time. I will keep you updated with the latest information. “

Nick and Lauren have announced that they will give birth in January.

Lauren said, “I was determined to have two children and I was prepared and prepared for it. I should have two children. I was about five months pregnant. I didn’t have any symptoms. There were no signs of pregnancy. One day I felt something move in my body. “Nick”, something is wrong. I have to go to the doctor. I think something is wrong. “I didn’t think I was pregnant because I shouldn’t have had any more children. “

Nick Carter reveals that the baby daughter’s name is Pearl | Entertainment news

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