New OGIO WOODĒ assortment offers organisation and magnificence

The new WOOD® golf bags prove it: There is a better way. Yes, the WOODĒ top is back, as is the ‘Ball Silo’, the ‘Rapid Access Snap Pockets’ and a color palette that can only be described as ‘Mild to Wild’. Buckle up and say hello to the WOODĒ collection.

The WOODĒ cart bag is a better way to organize your clubs and anything else you bring to the golf course. By separating your wood from your irons, not only is it easier to find the club you want, but it also protects your wood. And with Rapid Access Snap Pockets for your valuables and golf balls, this is the easiest to use cart bag from OGIO.

With the WOOD® Top, the Rapid Access Snap Pockets and the innovative Ball Silo, the WOOD® Hybrid Bag also offers an optimal organizational experience. With the new WOOD® hybrid bag, it has never been easier or faster to grab another golf ball or one of your belongings when needed.

Like all OGIO golf products, the WOODĒ Cart and WOODĒ Hybrid bags will be available from authorized Callaway dealers from the end of February.

RRP: $ 379.99 (shopping bag); $ 359.99 (hybrid bag).

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