New Font Fashion for | Bulletins | Information

As part of our ongoing efforts to replicate, enhance, and enhance the WPI digital experience, a new font style will be made available on on September 16. The introduction is extensive and will affect everything from text headings and text on the page to navigation menus and the website footer.

These new, modern sans serif fonts will improve the user experience; keep our visitors in touch with our content, regardless of device or screen size; add visual interest to the website; and bring in more of the personality and approach of the WPI brand while providing equal and universal access to visitors with disabilities. Extensive research and tests – including accessibility standards – went into this decision.

No action is required on behalf of the Drupal editors and site administrators. However, if you experience any issues as a result of these changes, please send an email with a link to the page and a description of the problem.

In the coming months we will roll out with additional features, including a video ad on the main university website.