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Neighbors elevating cash to help West Fargo household that misplaced home in a hearth


FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – After a house fire in West Fargo, ND on Thursday, area neighbors are gathering to raise support. The Tollefsons held a lemonade stand over the weekend and raised over $ 1,000 for the Petersons.

“It’s like another way to make people happy and stuff.” said Crosby Tollefson, who helped run the lemonade stand.

In a small project that started out as a small project, the Tollefsons saw more and more money to help one of their neighbors. Whether from people buying lemonade or donating money from others in the community to help, Brent Tollefson has been impressed with the response.

“We had people who came up and said, ‘Hey, how can we give?’ And it’s snowing even more, as people in our hometown say: ‘Like here, Venmo let me give you some money.’ “Said Tollefson.

The Tollefsons children spent time outside selling lemonade and helping a family in their neighborhood. They also saw this as a valuable lesson for them, culminating in the meeting of the two families on Sunday.

“They made a point of coming and saying thank you to our kids and shaking hands with our kids, which was really amazing.” said Denise Tollefson.

The West Fargo Fire Dept. responded on Thursday evening. on a call to Eighth St. W. fighting flames from a house and garage. Both were classified as total write-offs, but after the damage, the community surrounds the Petersons who have lost their homes.

“We haven’t met them before, we found they were a mile away and in our neighborhood and it just doesn’t matter if you’ve met people or not, it’s just like Fargo-Moorhead and they come over and we give she hugs like you’ve known her forever. “said Denise Tollefson.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family. For more informations, Click here.

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