Nashville-Type Scorching Tofu Sliders Recipe

Nashville Hot Chicken is seasoned with a hefty dose of ground cayenne pepper and hot sauce, deep-fried, and then topped with a final layer of spicy oil. In these vegetarian sliders, hot butter gives mild tofu with an extra spicy kick reminiscent of the chicken that inspired it. Tofu is high in water content, but a quick dredge in rice flour and a dip in batter creates a barrier that prevents excessive splashing during frying. The carbon dioxide in the seltzer keeps the dough light and airy, perfect for tender tofu. (This is also a great trick for frying vegetables and shrimp.) The result is a golden sandwich filling with a crispy outside and a soft center. For larger sandwiches, fill normal hamburger buns with two pieces of the deep-fried tofu and finish with the toppings.