Monitoring The place the Stimulus Cash Is Going

Local governments in New York are receiving billions in combined aid from the federal government to make up for lost revenue from the pandemic, and a think tank is tracking where the money is going.

The Rockefeller Institute this week published an analysis reviewing how money is being sent to states, counties, and individual local governments. The total funding is approximately $ 980 per inhabitant.

“One of the lessons we have learned from the recovery from the Great Recession is that state and local governments are at the center of a robust economic recovery,” said Laura Schultz, director of research at the Rockefeller Institute and author of the analysis. “This aid package will help these governments support their households and businesses, and most importantly, prevent government cuts that are likely to slow the recovery. Our analysis gives users the ability to interactively examine where the American Rescue Plan Act money is going. “

New York City will get the lion’s share of the aid, about $ 4.3 billion. Buffalo receives $ 350; Rochester $ 207 million; and Syracuse $ 126 million. Buffalo and Niagara Falls will receive the largest allocations per capita, according to the review.

The expectation is that with all the money flowing from Congress, the aid would avoid spending cuts or tax hikes to make up for revenue lost when businesses and other public gatherings shut down last year.