Model Stars Are Carrying The Alexander McQueen Curve En Masse

It didn’t arrive until this week, but Alexander McQueen is new The curve announces itself as the bag of the moment. Don’t you believe us Just look at celebrities in every part of the world – from next generation actors to models and musicians – who have been out and about with the accessory.

New for the Spring / Summer ’21 season, the design pays homage to the brand’s iconic founder, Lee Alexander McQueen, with its harness-inspired silhouette and detailing. Additionally, it’s an impressive design that is both strong and soft (a McQueen signature!), With its bucket-like shape, sculpted leather exterior, and rounded edges.

The bag officially launched yesterday and is available in seven different colors: light butter yellow, black, and black and white for this season, plus additional pre-fall shades that are available for pre-order now. The only problem? Select a favorite.

So, here’s what you really came here for: the information on the who’s who who’s already wearing it. Think: Gossip Girl reboot star Evan Mock, Powerpuff Girls actress Yana Perrault, Simone Ashley from Sex Education (also featured in Bridgerton’s next season!), And models Salem Mitchell, Claire Rose and Alva Claire. Of course influencers like it Amy Juliette Lefevre, Vanessa Hong, Petra Mack and Fong Min Lao are also everywhere.

Evan Mock (courtesy)

Salem Mitchell (Courtesy)

Ann Kim (Courtesy)

Alice Barbier (Courtesy)

Vanessa Hong (courtesy)

For a luxury bag, The Curve is reasonably priced at $ 1,490. This makes it an attractive and fun introduction to the legendary McQueen brand for fans of all ages. Judging by the taste makers and trendsetters who are already out and about in the city, we are sure that many will follow. Current company included!

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