Miss Manners: Repairing a household rift, and a automobile window | Leisure

Keep it simple and don’t blame it: “We’re sorry the situation with the car got out of control. Now that we’ve resolved it, let’s make every effort to do better in the future. Us Do you miss.”

Miss Manners can’t promise that your daughter will respond to it or even read it, but at least she’ll have to take greater action if she wants to block or make the mail system more unfriendly.

Dear Ms. Manners: Before the pandemic, two long-time friends invited me over to their home for dinner once or twice a year. In the thank you letters I sent later I mentioned that I had a wonderful time, the atmosphere is warm and they are in good company, and that the food was delicious. I have explicitly referred to at least one dish each time. But I worry about my notes repeating themselves.

I understand that sincere, if repetitive, notes are better than noneand I have no intention of sending a note in case you or anyone else should prepare a meal for me in the future. But I wonder if I missed an additional element that should be included.

Gentle reader: How about the conversation? “I’m so glad that we could shed some light on the subject of sea turtle conservation. Freya really got me to think about my position and now I’m deeply researching their migratory habits.”