Mercedes Idea EQG Debuts In Munich With Electrical G-Class Model

The moment has finally come. Mercedes Benz is strongly pushing for electrification and its iconic G class is no exception. The vehicle you see here is not what you will be able to buy in the future, but it is close. Mercedes calls the Concept EQG – a near-series version of the upcoming EQG and a vision of an electrified G-Class.

It definitely looks like a G-Class, and purists will be happy if it should be just as robust. A ladder frame still underpins the box-shaped body, which sits on independent suspension at the front and on a rigid axle at the rear. The greenhouse stands tall, the massive spare wheel carrier holds the station at the rear, door handles are distinctive on the sides and round headlights illuminate the way to the front. Even at a quick glance, this should not be confused with a G-Class.

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However, it is clearly a completely different G-Class. Without a motor under the hood, the bold G-Class grill on the Concept EQG becomes an illuminated black-panel grill. Illuminated blue squares create an artificial grille look, with the three-pointed star in the center illuminated in a 3D effect. A white border completes the front grille, while additional LED daytime running lights encircle the headlights.

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On the sides you will find even more LED lighting that is integrated into the protective strips of the Concept EQG. The flat roof integrates an LED light bar at the front and a third brake light at the rear. 22-inch wheels with a late 1990s feel sit on the corners, and although the Concept EQG has a rear spare wheel carrier, you will likely notice that it’s not shaped like a tire. In reality, it is an external storage box, which on the outside pays homage to the traditional G-Class, but swaps the tire for things like charging cables.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG rear view
Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG front view

Speaking of which, how does the Concept EQG bring the power to the ground? Mercedes isn’t ready to share details like horsepower or range just yet, but we’ve been told that this concept uses four electric motors mounted close to the wheels. Each motor can work independently to give the EQG “unique driving characteristics”. The drivetrain also has a switchable two-speed transmission, which basically gives you a crawler gear for tricky off-road situations.

Since this is a near-series concept, there will be some changes before the EQG becomes official. There’s no timeframe for when that will happen, but Mercedes promises it will pass the same tests and conquer the same terrain as all previous internal combustion engine G-cars.